remember the world

I didn’t sleep much last night. I installed a portable AC unit very poorly yesterday and, despite having had one while living in San Diego, my brain decided this one would catch on fire while I was sleeping for some unknown reason. I emotionally muscled my way through a presentation in the morning followed by the start of a brief course I’m taking on effective altruism before the day really hit me. The anxiety began to settle and I mentally noted that I’d need to meditate to get through, especially with my body too sore to work out again today.

I never did end up needing to meditate. Instead, I volunteered for three hours at a retirement community where I chatted with a few folks in skilled nursing about their lives, got some additional training, and played an amazing game of trivia led by a staff member. I left socially tired without an ounce of anxiety, my mind turning over the stories I’d heard and a smile on my face thinking about the hilarious answers for trivia. At one point, I got to play host and be reminded repeatedly how much I need to improve my enunciation.

One resident rolled out while I was there on the way to soak up some sun outside. “Sometimes I just need to get out of that room and remember the world”. I wish she knew how much I understood.


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  1. Exactly so. Sometimes it’s just a matter of stepping outside the box of my own conditioned personality long enough to see that no matter where I am now, I won’t be there later. Take care!

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