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For what feels like the very first time, I had an almost entirely silent haircut. It happened at a hole in the wall place (the best) around the corner from me that only takes cash and doesn’t have appointments. From the start, I was intrigued. I hardly showed the barber a photo and he turned me around so I couldn’t see the mirror as he worked. I sat silent the entire time staring off and lost in my thoughts. A loud TV show played in the background and another person was already lined up. In what must have been no more than 20 minutes, he was done. He gave me a genuinely perfect haircut and, more than that, I want to tell the world about how introvert friendly it was. I feel I can’t escape conversation when in a barber’s chair. Plus, they are actively chopping up my hair and the last thing I want to do is make them feel misunderstood with scissors next to my head.

After this experience, I pondered the ability to toggle on/off an introvert filter in google maps. “This bar is perfect if you want to bring a book and sit in silence.” I could write so many of these reviews.


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