So you want to talk about FSE? Part III

Inspired by two prior posts I wrote, So you want to talk about Full Site Editing? and So you want to talk about FSE? 5.9 Edition, I wanted to offer a non-release specific update as I have found myself sharing the same resources repeatedly. As before, I recommend checking out the prior posts as I try as much as possible to only share new information in each so the posts can build upon each other.

As always, I would love contributions from the wider community to build this out into an even more comprehensive resource! Like last time, see this post as a place to get inspiration from and to pull from rather than to somehow cover entirely in a presentation. 

Important note:

There’s a broader discussion around Giving FSE a More User Friendly Name that has yet to be decided upon but is worth keeping in mind for anyone preparing efforts around FSE features. My advice right now is to use more granular terms and be as specific as possible: Site Editor, Block Themes, Styles, Theme Blocks, gradual adoption pathways, etc.


  • Focus on how features work together and what’s possible when they do (this is a repeat from the last version of this post that felt worth saying once more).
  • Embrace the spectrum of experiences full site editing features allow and the ways in which curation can be done to lock the same interfaces down.
  • Dive into common workflows people might have from creating a new header and applying it to a few templates to mastering the query loop block with the various design tool options to place your content exactly as you want. This makes the experience more understandable by having a practical goal to focus on exploring the various tools plus it gives you the chance to show off the details that make FSE magical.
  • Spend time discussing the expanding design tools from dimension controls to duotone. There’s a big effort underway to unlock even more controls and have more consistency between them.
  • Some UX concerns remain including how to tell when you’re making global vs local changes, when to use a template part vs a pattern vs a template part, etc. To make a talk really high impact, I’d lean into these missing UX pieces for now until they are addressed and tackling them directly.
  • Show how features have changed over time. For example, the query loop block has evolved drastically along with the number of block templates one can customize.

If you can, the most compelling things I’ve seen focus on practical, lived experience. Did you convert a site to use a block theme? Talk about how you approached it. Did you build a block version of a classic theme you previously developed? Share what you learned along the way. Did you launch your first client site using a block theme and full site editing features? Provide your thought process for how you went about deciding why it made sense to adopt for that specific project, how you onboarded the client, etc.

(Newer) Resources:

Patterns of critical feedback:

If you want more insights, here’s the last high level feedback recap for the FSE Outreach Program from May 2022 and here’s the link where you can see all summary posts from the calls for testing. Here’s what is top of mind for me as I wrote this though in case it helps give ideas for creating a really compelling talk that addresses key topics on people’s minds:

Demo ideas:

Depending on who you are and who the audience, the following ideas are worth considering. I nearly combined this section with the above but it felt wise to separate out what might be more visually and/or technically compelling. Everywhere I’ve noted “Coming to 6.1” means you’ll need to use the Gutenberg plugin in order to access the features or wait until 6.1 is out in the world (Nov 1st).

What’s coming to 6.1?

At a high level, here a quick look at just some of what’s to come. Please keep in mind that there’s still time yet as of writing this for more to make it and for items to possibly be removed, depending on any deal breaking issues found:

For more technical details, check out the dev notes planned for 6.1.

What’s planned for the future?

A few specific posts and explorations do a great of peering into the future, both in the near term and long term. This is intentionally very curated as there’s so much I could link to!

If you’re prefer to listen to me rant talk about most of the above (one design wasn’t done at the time of the recording), here’s a video of a hallway hangout on the exact topic:


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