soul at scale

I sometimes wish I had a team of Annes. One would spend all day outside snapping too many photos and taking naps in the sun. One would grind away at work with music going, caffeine at hand. One would write letters and call friends asking as many questions as she wanted. One would spend their time volunteering. One would be on a constant roadtrip. One would manage all my hobbies. One would like nap, listen to podcasts, and read all day. On and on.

The biggest problem is that we’d all be too introverted to spend much time in person opting instead for an obnoxiously elaborate and detailed text thread recounting the days we each had, articles we read, things we saw, etc. Every day some Anne would suggest a way to streamline the communication only to be balanced out by another Anne who insists it matters to take time to communicate. There would be a lot of checking in and norm setting resulting in constant tweaking. These marathon texting battles would be interspersed by random, seemingly never ending, in-person lifechats into the wee hours of the morning throwing us all off our game the following day. The next morning, I’d have to buy a big pack of redbulls to pass around and the text thread would be silent.

I don’t have a team though and the days feel short sometimes. Instead, I have the task of finding balance typically across longer stretches of time rather than across a single day where it’s impossible for me to fill it with all I want to do with the very finite energy I have. It’s an interesting and funny thought to think about your soul at scale. What would a group of you fight about? What would you all fiercely defend to the wider world? How would you communicate with each other? What would happen if one messed up (would there be a path to redemption)? What would the best days look like?


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  1. What’s interesting, for me, is there is an argumentative mode when conditioned personality starts to argue with itself. The constant internal questions and debates about do this or don’t do this, is this right or wrong, and should/shouldn’t. I think my best moments are when I stay aware that what rises in the stream of thought are ideas about what’s real and not reality itself. My thoughts are not authority that must be obeyed. Sometimes I reflect how over rated thinking has becomes as opposed to the joy of embracing the miracle of being in these moments. Thanks for this!

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